It takes a village…


I really don’t know how people make in life without Jesus, first and foremost, but in addition, I don’t know how people make it without church. We need other people in our lives to encourage us, support us, challenge us, pray with us, and simply help us be all God desires. We need a village – an extended family. For Lisa and I (like many people today) our families live in different states. In other cultures, you grow up with your grandparents, aunts & uncles and cousins all living close by (many times in the same house!). Our society is different, and the need for a church family is even more important!

I am so thankful for the church family God has given me. I love that my girls have so many people who join with me in raising them in Christ! As a parent, this is my number one responsibility. However, it sure helps to have so many amazing others! From Aunt Carol and Uncle Larry to Pastor Nic and Lala at church, we are blessed with many to pour into the lives of our girls. I love seeing my girls quote Scripture and tell me about their Bible Story. I love seeing my girls run into church longing to learn as well as to be with people they love. I love seeing my girls excited about simply being at church and feeling like it is “home.”

It really does take a village. I believe that was what God was calling us to in Deuteronomy 6. I believe this is the culture He longed to create and why the Early Church thrived. Parenting – we can’t do it alone. But, the amazing news is that we are not supposed to. We need others to speak into our kids lives, to demonstrate Christ-likeness, and to be the heros for which they will aspire. I am so thankful for our church family! What a joy to know God is with us, and we are not alone!

It is Easy to be a Dad on Christmas

Christmas is one of the greatest days of the year (along with Easter)! On Christmas, it is easy to be a dad. You give presents to your kids. They are excited, and you’re a hero! It is easy to be a dad when you buy your kids things.
However, the real challenge to being a great dad is on the other 364 days of the year. When you are tired from a long day at the office. When you don’t have anything left to give. When money is tight and the kids have needs. This is where the real dads step up and the dads who are really in it for themselves step out.

The question becomes what are we really giving our kids?  Is it simply a barrage of “toys” that provide immediate gratification, but shortly end up in the back of a closet or a trash can? The measure of a great dad is investing in our kids each day. Investing Christ, His Word, His character and His love. This is where influence happens and where lives are transformed. So many times we buy into culture. We end up raising spoiled, worldly, whiny kids more so than we do strong, mature, godly kids. Why? Because it is easy to be a dad on Christmas.