End of an Era

We live our lives in different eras. Some eras are great (like “the college” era for many), and we wish they would never end. Other eras (like “the middle school”¬†era for some) are miserable, and we wish they never happened. As we grow older, maybe it is the “dating” era of our life or the … [Read more…]

Caring for Your Parents

I have entered a new stage of life. Now not only am I the parent of three beautiful little girls, but I have now moved into the stage of caring for my own parents. You never know when this stage of life begins. There’s not a “birthing” process that announces it’s arrival. In addition, there’s … [Read more…]


Easter is my favorite time of the year! Spring is in the air. New life. Hope. Joy. Renewal. Easter personifies all of this! God’s Redemptive work complete. New Life. Hope. Joy. Renewal. Jesus is alive! This changes everything. No longer are we slaves to sin. No longer is death final. There is more. There is … [Read more…]


After reading through the book of Deuteronomy, I was struck with how Moses casted vision. I have read through this amazing book many times, and I really love it. But, this time God focused my attention on the leadership of Moses especially in this area of vision. Here’s what struck me: 1. The Importance of … [Read more…]