The book of Hosea is one of my favorite books in the Old Testament. Hosea is so powerful and inspiring as it reveals to us the heart of God. Here is quick re-cap of the book: Hosea is a prophet around the 8th century BC in the Northern Kingdom of Israel. God has brought His … [Read more…]

My Favorite Sound

I love being a dad! My favorite sound in the world is when I hear my girls laugh. You know, that deep, from the belly, joyful laugh! There is nothing like it. I know they are having fun, enjoying life, and embracing the joy for which they were created. Now, we laugh a lot at … [Read more…]

Is the Holy Spirit here?

This past Sunday, a gentleman came up to me after one of our Sunday morning worship services and introduced himself. He said he was an NFL Chaplain. It was his first time visiting Rolling Hills. He said he had heard of our church and just wanted to come to see if the Holy Spirit was … [Read more…]

All Worth It

This past Sunday was one of those days. You know the kind – when God shows up and you realize it is all worth it. The day began with worship and teaching. You could literally feel the Spirit of God in the Auditorium. When I closed by sharing the story of Caleb Clark (the 5th … [Read more…]

From Moldova to the Schermerhorn

Recently, I had the privilege to celebrate one of the most beautiful pictures of God’s amazing grace. In 2003, Rolling Hills – a six-month-old church – took our first mission trip to the country of Moldova (the smallest and poorest country in the former Soviet Union). Little did we know that this was the God-ordained … [Read more…]

Thankful for Interns

One of the best parts of Rolling Hills is our commitment and investment in young leaders. When we first started as a church, instead of hiring a Youth Pastor, we recruited interns to help run our Youth Ministry as well as serve in other areas of the church. (We also did not have any money … [Read more…]


This past Monday, we hosted our first Memorial Service ever at the WareHouse. As a young church (both in existence and people), we are used to babies and weddings; not so much funerals. While we have mourned the loss of several in our church over the past nine years, all the services have been held … [Read more…]

Spiritual Grandchildren

Someone once told me, “The measure of your success in ministry is not your spiritual children, but your spiritual grandchildren.” At first, I did not understand what they meant. My orientation was to share my faith, see people come to know Christ and then invest in discipling these new believers in the Lord. However, as … [Read more…]