My Five Greatest Leadership Lessons

A few days ago, I recorded a leadership podcast for Sam Davidson (should be released later this week at I have known Sam for a long time, and he is an amazing man of God as well as a great friend. While we were recording, this thought sparked within me, “What are the greatest leadership … [Read more…]

What is a Disciple?

Many times when we hear the word “disciple,” we tend to think of other people. Probably what first comes to mind is the first disciples Jesus called. We tend to think of people in long robes with beards following Jesus around the Sea of Galilee. Or, we may think about a super-elite Christian – someone … [Read more…]

Legacy and John Pac

Legacy unfolded before me. I flew to England to meet with some of our JMI (Justice & Mercy International) partners in ministry to discuss a greater work for God’s Kingdom along the Amazon in Brazil. We gathered at the home of John Paculabo (John Pac). John was the head of Kingsway Music for years (started … [Read more…]

Praying for Connecticut

Ever since last Friday, I have not stopped praying for all those impacted in the shootings in Connecticut. For the parents who will bury their precious children this week. For the teachers and children who heard, saw and survived. For the pastors and Christians in the community who are called to walk with and minister … [Read more…]

Commercialism or Christ this Christmas

In our culture today, Christmas has become synonymous with commercialism. Christmas in America begins not with Advent (waiting, anticipating the arrival), but with Black Friday (madness to buy more and more stuff). The season is permeated with hustle and bustle as we try to add to our already over-crowded, over-scheduled, over-stuffed lives gifts, cards, decorations, … [Read more…]