Faithfulness, Consistency & Community

This past Thursday, Lisa’s dad went home to be with his Savior, Jesus, at the age of 87 after living a full life. As we celebrated his life this past weekend, I was reminded of three words that truly embodied the life of Robert Otis Lanier: faithfulness, consistency and community. Faithfulness. Lisa’s dad was married … [Read more…]

Prioritizing Your Life

We all have the same amount of time in a day… 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds. Often times, without meaning to or even realizing it, those precious moments can get filled with a lot of “stuff.” And not all that stuff is bad… Yards need to be mowed, emails need responses, the laundry can’t … [Read more…]

Update on Sara Ezell

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a very dear woman named, Sara Ezell. As I mentioned in that post, Sara suffers from a disease called O.I., or “brittle bone disease.” She has been in a wheelchair all of her life, yet that does not dampen her joy or her passionate love for Christ and … [Read more…]


Yesterday we took our Rolling Hills staff team to see the movie “42.” The movie is about Jackie Robinson, the first African-American baseball player to play in the major leagues. Before this time there was the “Negro League” and there was the “Major League.” Although African-Americans fought side by side with white men in World … [Read more…]

Building a Team

Recently someone remarked, “There is such a great staff team at Rolling Hills. What are the top qualities you look for when you hire someone?” Immediately I affirmed that we do have an incredible team, and mentioned how blessed I am to serve alongside each person on our staff. Then, I quickly spouted off qualities … [Read more…]

Sara Ezell

Tomorrow night we are hosting a Benefit Concert for one of my favorite people in the world. Sara Ezell is a woman after God’s heart. She is a dedicated servant of Christ, she loves teaching preschoolers at Rolling Hills, and she brings joy into the life of everyone who knows her. She is remarkable! All … [Read more…]

Lisa’s Dad

Yesterday, April 10, was a tough day for my wife, Lisa. It involved one of those conversations you never thought you would have. Lisa’s dad, Robert, is 86 years old. He was the Postmaster of Kevil, Kentucky for over 40 years, and has been a member at First Baptist Church of Kevil, KY for his … [Read more…]


Good Friday

Easter. The day that changed everything; the greatest day in History. Since Adam’s sin, death reigned supreme. Death was the ultimate victor; it was feared and life was fragile.  There was no hope. On Good Friday, it looked like death had won again.  Not even this miracle-worker Rabbi, whom some said was “The Messiah,” could stop … [Read more…]