About Me

I am a man on a journey to know Christ more and to lead people to Him. I love my God! I am so thankful for His grace. I am blessed to be married to Lisa who loves me and is such a great mom. Lisa is also so talented and creative, and I love serving our God with her. Our girls are amazing! They love life, and they make me laugh. Just typing this about them makes me smile. I long for them to know Jesus and to live their lives for His glory.

I love God’s church! I am so passionate about the Body of Christ! I believe God is truly at work here at Rolling Hills, and we are a part of something very special! And, I love missions. I love seeing God transform lives for His glory! There is nothing like it!

Thanks for joining with me on the journey. I pray we can grow, love, and use all God has entrusted to us for His global glory! Know I am praying for you, and I appreciate the opportunity to share life together. Blessings on you today!

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