Serving with Artists

It is such a joy to serve alongside such an amazing Staff Team! We are united in our passion for Christ and His Kingdom, but we are all different. There is such a synergy that occurs as each person uses their different gifts for God’s glory. For instance, Chad is a master artist. He is so incredible at creating worship experiences that truly draw people to the heart of God. Brent is an administrative master. He is able to handle so many things well and inspire people in their work. Laura is a people master. She loves people, and her joy is seeing people connect in community and service. Nic is a generational artist. He is so skilled at sensing what God is doing in this next generation, and giving them the tools to be the next leaders for the Kingdom. The list goes on, but the fun happens when we all do this together. When we give our best – united in heart and passion – and fueled by the Holy Spirit. God is truly at work and it is such a blessing to be a part of what He is doing.

Questions: Are you surrounded by people who make you better? Do the people around you inspire you? How about this, Do you inspire others? Are you passionate about Christ and are you using the gifts He gave you for His glory? You are an artist!

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